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The Welcome Party is a Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



With a Vertibird secured, the group travel to Command to investigate why they have been out of contact. Things very quickly take a turn for the worse.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
0Quest start.General Ward and the others are going to the Vertibird Facility. I should speak to him once he arrives.
2Waiting a day.Corporal Fitzpatrick is preparing the Vertibird. I should speak to the General tomorrow.
5One day has passed.A day has passed. I should speak to General Ward.
10Vertibird scene start.General Ward is taking me to 'Command' with the others. Hopefully we'll find out why they haven't been responding to the General.
12Fade, set weather & disable fake hangar.
14Landed at Oil Rig - Begin ghoul ambush.
15Start Ward shouting.
16Enable Player Controls.'Command' is an Oil Rig off the coast of the Commonwealth, and its been overrun by Ghouls. I need to work with the General to clear it.
18Player told to find underground facility.The General told me that the Oil Rig was just a cover for a military base and production facility. He needs me to get to the facility and restore power to the base.
20Door opened.
22In facility.
23Kill the Mirelurk Queen.
24Mirelurk Queen Dead - Return to Ward.Once I restored power, I was ambushed by a Mirelurk Queen that was nesting in the water pumping area. I managed to defeat it, and should now return to General Ward.
26Go to the Comms Room.General Ward is pleased with the work I did, and has something to tell me. I should follow him to the Radio Room.
30Quest Completed.General Ward, as well as the others from the Vault, are all part of a government group called The Enclave, which has suffered multiple setbacks in recent years. He's put out a call to arms to all survivors to rendezvous at the Oil Rig. General Ward has given me another task while he waits for them to arrive.
40No longer used.
1000Quest failed.
The Welcome Party

Type:Main Quest
Quest ID:ARMQ04
Quest Giver:General Russell Ward
  • Vertibird Facility
  • The Oil Rig
Previous Quest:Grounded Bird
Next Quest:Humanity Must Shape Their Tools
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