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Playing With Fire is the final Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



The North Boston Police Department has been occupied by Enclave personnel, and Doctor Kane has made significant progress with the FEV. She has a demonstration planned, but the Brotherhood of Steel has other plans...

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
0Quest start - Move relevant NPCs to Conference Room.Sergeant Peterson will stay at the Police Station to see if he can find any information on the Brotherhood of Steel's plans. I should return to the General to report my success.
5NPCs moved, start scene now.
10Player in Boardroom.I've returned to General Ward, who was in the middle of a meeting. I should stay and hear what there is to say.
12Go to the FEV Lab.Doctor Kane has a demonstration of the FEV ready. I should proceed to the lab and see it.
13Player in FEV Lab viewing spot.
14Start the BOS Attack.The demonstration was interrupted by a sudden Brotherhood of Steel attack on the Oil Rig. I need to help defend it at all costs.
16BOS Attack defeated.We managed to foil the attack. I should speak to General Ward to see what our next move is.
18Meet the group in the War Room.
20Player in the War Room.
22Talk to Peterson at the Vertibirds.Sergeant Peterson discovered that the Brotherhood of Steel has occupied a missile silo, and are planning on launching a missile at the Oil Rig. General Ward's organizing a desperate assault to neutralize the threat. I should talk to Sergeant Peterson when I'm ready to go.
24Move the Player to Site Gamma.Before the rest of the Enclave troops can arrive, I need to disable two anti-air sites.
26Site 1 disabled.
28Site 2 disabled & Oil Rig Contacted.Enclave troops are arriving. I need to attack the missile silo with them and stop the missile launch at all costs.
30Player passed the Basin Entry.
32Player approaching silo entrance.
34Player in Silo.
36Launch stopped - trigger General Ward forcegreet.I managed to stop the missile launch.
38Player loitering at Silo.
44Back to Oil Rig.General Ward was thankful for all my help. The major Brotherhood of Steel threat has been eliminated. The General said he doesn't have any more tasks for me at the moment, though I should report to Corporal Fitzpatrick for my reward.
46Choose a Vertibird.Corporal Fitzpatrick has told me that they are going to assign a Vertibird to support me whenever I need, and I can pick which one I want. Each Vertibird has a different paint job on it. Once I decided which I want, I should return to Fitzpatrick.
48Vertibird selected.
50Completed.I've helped solidify the Enclave's presence in the Commonwealth. There are no more tasks that need doing, however that may change in the future as the FEV Project progresses further.

Playing With Fire

Type:Main Quest
Quest ID:ARMQ07
Quest Giver:General Russell Ward
  • The Oil Rig
  • Site Gamma
Previous Quest:Mobilization
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