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Mobilization is a Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



With the Oil Rig fully staffed and the Enclave resurging as a powerful military force, the time has come to occupy an old Police Station in Boston to serve as a Forward Operating Base.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
5Speak to Sgt. Peterson.With the troops now here, General Ward wants to increase the Enclave's presence on the mainland. I should speak to Sergeant Peterson, who's planned our next move.
10Meet up with the troops.Sergeant Peterson has designated North Boston Police Station as the ideal site for a staging area, although its currently held by the Brotherhood of Steel. We are to assault it. I should meet Peterson in the field when I'm ready.
11Move Peterson to the wait location.
12Attack - Exterior.The assault on the Police Station has begun. I should help eliminate the Brotherhood of Steel presence.
14Move inside.
16Attack - Interior.
20All BOS soldiers killed.The Brotherhood of Steel presence at the Police Station has been eliminated. I should see what Peterson has to say.
22Spoken with Peterson, return to General Ward.Sergeant Peterson will stay at the Police Station to see if he can find any information on the Brotherhood of Steel's plans. I should return to the General to report my success.
24Done.I reported my success to the General, who has dispatched a number of troops to occupy the Police Station.

Type:Main Quest
Quest ID:ARMQ06
Quest Giver:Sergeant Peterson
  • North Boston Police Department
Previous Quest:Humanity Must Shape Their Tools
Next Quest:Playing With Fire
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