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Humanity Must Shape Their Tools is a Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



The Oil Rig has been cleared of mutants, but it seems like everyone that was once stationed there has either died or deserted. While repairs begin, Doctor Kane requires some specialized equipment to get her lab running.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
0Quest start - "We are the Enclave" speechGeneral Ward and the others are going to the Vertibird Facility. I should speak to him once he arrives.
2Go to Dr Ellen.General Ward has told me to report to Doctor Kane for my next task.
4Go to the Facility.Doctor Kane needs me to go to an old pre-war military facility to recover some vital equipment she needs in order to help kickstart operations at the Oil Rig.
6At entrance, recover the Hacktaine Capacitor.General Ward is taking me to 'Command' with the others. Hopefully we'll find out why they haven't been responding to the General.
8BOS Confronted.
10Player pauses mission to not aggro the BOS.I was confronted by a Brotherhood of Steel soldier, unhappy that I am working with The Enclave. I have decided to postpone this mission.
12Player kills the BOS soldiers.I was confronted by a Brotherhood of Steel soldier, unhappy that I am working with The Enclave. I refused to stop, and I am now an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel.
14Recover Automated Analyser
16Find a way into the FEV Storage.I've recovered everything but the FEV sample. The door leading to that part of the facility seems to be barricaded, I need to find a way inside.
18Recover FEV.Sergeant Peterson arrived with two Enclave soldiers who had heeded General Ward's call. They blew open the barricade. I can now recover the FEV Sample.
20Return to Ward.I have recovered all pieces of equipment. I should return to General Ward.
22Vertibirds are in trigger zone.
25ENDI returned to General Ward just in time to see more troops arrive. The Oil Rig is now a fully functional military base once more.
Humanity Must Shape Their Tools

Type:Main Quest
Quest ID:ARMQ05
Quest Giver:General Russell Ward
  • The Oil Rig
  • Abandoned Military Facility
Previous Quest:The Welcome Party
Next Quest:Mobilization
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