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Grounded Bird is a Main Quest in America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.



Linking the Radio Facility to the Vault didn't yield any answers. The group have now decided to go with Plan B. General Ward asks the player to investigate a nearby Vertibird Facility in the hopes of finding a Vertibird.

Quest Stages

StageDescriptionLog Entry
5Player told to go to Facility.General Ward was unable to contact 'Command', and is falling back to Plan B. I have been asked to go to a Vertibird Hangar and see if the Vertibird is still there.
10Player has entered the facility, find VertibirdI've entered the Vertibird Facility. I should investigate the area and see if the Vertibird is still within.
15Vertibird found, kill all Gunners.I found the Vertibird, however the hangar is crawling with Gunners. I should clear them out before returning to the General.
20Gunners killed, return to General.I cleared the hangar. I should return to General Ward.
25Quest completed.General Ward was pleased that I found the Vertibird. Him and the others are relocating to the hangar, and I should speak to him once they get there.
Grounded Bird

Type:Main Quest
Quest ID:ARMQ03
Quest Giver:General Russell Ward
  • Vault 111 Government Facility
  • Vertibird Facility
Previous Quest:Calling Home
Next Quest:The Welcome Party
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