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You've woken up after 200 years of cryogenic preservation. The world you knew, the people you love, all replaced by a twisted and desolate wasteland. You then discover that there are others like you. Others working towards bringing back that world you lost. Is it all too good to be true?

Table of Contents



Side Quests

Repeatable Quests


LocationEditor IDs
Abandoned FacilityARAbandonedFacilityExterior, ARAbandonedFacility01, ARAbandonedFacility02
North Boston Police DepartmentARPoliceStation, ARPoliceStationInterior01
Radio FacilityARRadioFacilityExterior
Site GammaARSiloStartPoint, ARAntiAirSite1, ARAntiAirSite2, ARBasinEntrance, ARMissileSiloEntrance, ARMissileSiloInterior01
The Oil RigAROilRigInterior01, AROilRigInterior01a, AROilRigInterior01aRuin, AROilRigInterior01b, AROilRigInterior01Ruin, AROilRigInterior02, AROilRigPlayerRoom, AROilRig
Vault 111 Government FacilityARVault111AltEntrance, ARVault111AltEntr
Vertibird FacilityARVertibirdFacilityExterior, ARVertibirdFacilityInterior01

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