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What used to be the standard-issue uniform to Enclave Officers in the years shortly after the Great War, they were later phased out in favor of simpler, more rugged field uniforms. These early uniforms consist of a smart shirt and tie covered by a sleek blazer with three silver bars on the right signifying the Enclave, as well as color-matched trousers and steel-toed boots.

Available Mods


  • Ballistic Weave
  • Ballistic Weave Mk2
  • Ballistic Weave Mk3
  • Ballistic Weave Mk4
  • Ballistic Weave Mk5

Additional Parts

Early Enclave Officer Cap

An elegant cap featuring a navy-blue decorative wreath and an Enclave emblem.

Base IDxx000FA7
Early Enclave Officer Uniform

Set of Early Enclave Officer Uniform, plus Cap.

RAD Resist5
Base IDxx000FA6
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